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Is Water Ruining Your Skin? (Video)


If you’re dealing with acne, dry skin or skin that seems to be aging faster than normal, water could be the culprit.

Vivian Moreno, an esthetician in Riverside, California, says that “water is your enemy and not the sun.”  Many of her ideas are shocking at best and downright horrifying at worse.  At least that’s what I used to think until I tried her unconventional methods.

When I first met Vivian, some years ago, and she shared her skin care ideas with me, I nearly had an existential crisis.  I began asking myself: have we all been doing it wrong, for centuries, collectively as a civilization, a world culture, using water to wash our faces?  Was the use of water to cleanse our faces some type of group-think practice that we had all been led to believe was the most effective way to take care of our skin?  I was so confused.  Then, I started thinking about old school cold creams and how so many women cleansed their faces with these waterless cleansers, decades ago, as well as removed their makeup.

Maybe Vivian was on to something.

I had been dealing with acne and was at my wit’s end.  I literally said a prayer about finding someone to help me handle my skin.  The next day, I called up a “random” spa and was lucky enough to be able to speak to the owner—Vivian.  She immediately started badmouthing water, but something about her authoritative nature and knowledge of skin care made sense.  She told me to come in so she could look at my skin and the rest is history, all unfolding in the present time on SkinGab.

Just about everything I learned about skin care and being a critical skin care thinker, I learned from Vivian.  She challenged my idea of “proper” skin care and my skin health improved tremendously.  And, she actually not only encouraged me to go to esthetics school, but she actually paid for it too!  So, needless to say, I am forever grateful.

When I first met with her, she told me two things:

1. To stop washing my face and

2. To start applying Aquaphor (basically Vaseline) to my face.

She definitely told me a few other things as well, but these are the two major things that stuck out to me.  Those two suggestions made me want to cuss and had me thinking she was crazy.  But, she told me that if I followed her advice, I’d essentially be led to the Promised Land of clear skin.  She literally told me, “I’ll hold your hand.”  I was compelled to try her advice and regimen.

Because I don’t want this post to go to long, I’m going to let today’s post serve as a bit of a teaser for next week’s post which will detail the regimen that Vivian gave me that cleared up my skin.

Please see a video of Vivian below, discussing skin care as she sees it.  She discusses water, sunscreen, skin care, the sun, being “too clean,” etc.  And, a bit of context to today’s post:

I decide to write today’s post because yesterday on SkinGab’s social media pages, I posted about not washing your face in the mornings.  And, it seemed to resonate with a lot of people, so I wanted to explore this topic further here.

In case you missed what I posted on social media yesterday, here’s some of what the posts state:

Skip washing your face every morning.  What? Sounds counterintuitive, but this is a tip I learned from my esthetician when I was dealing with acne.  If you do a thorough facial cleansing at night, your face doesn’t need to be washed in the morning.  When we’re sleeping at night, our body builds up protective oils that keep our skin working properly.  Washing all of that goodness off in the morning can leave skin dry and sensitive.  In lieu of washing, use your favorite moisturizer as a light mask on your face while in the shower and wipe off after.  You’ll be surprised by how fresh and toned your skin looks.  And, the moisturizer acts as a light refreshing cleanser that keeps your skin barrier and moisture levels intact.

While I would love to claim this discovery or epiphany as something that originated with me or was divinely inspired, alas, I cannot take credit.  I give all credit to Vivian Moreno, master esthetician.

Please note: While Vivian has helped my skin tremendously, the views expressed in this video are solely the views of Vivian Moreno, not necessarily of myself, or SkinGab as an entity.

Next week, I’ll provide Vivian’s regimen, her product selections and discuss skin care and water. http://skingab.com/diy-esthetician-give-facial-get-acne-free-skin/


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