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One of my favorite toners to use is rosewater. The scent alone is almost hypnotizing. I’m beginning to incorporate more rose-based products into my rotation. Roses are excellent for your mood and your skin.

As each day brings us closer to spring, what better way to help usher it in than with roses? A symbol of love and beauty, roses have always been a staple in beauty treatments throughout time.

Rose hip, the actual fruit of the rose plant, is known to be one of the best plant sources of vitamin C.

Roses have always played a key role in skincare formulations as they serve as an antibacterial, hydration or balancing agent that are perfect for soothing skin. Additionally, they have great emollient properties, are rich in antioxidants and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Is acne a thorn in your side? Well, rose essential oil has a component called methyl eugenol, an antiseptic and anesthetic that works really well on my acne-prone clients.

As I mentioned, I love using rose as a toner and it’s great, especially if you want an alternative alcohol-free toner. The REALLY amazing thing about roses, though, they have been shown to help refine skin texture. ┬áNow that’s huge, especially to those of us who have areas of pitted skin from acne scarring.

Rose also can boost your mood, that’s why their scent is so commonly used as a relaxing aromatic backdrop at spas. ┬áResearch has shown that rose aromatherapy is helpful in easing anxiety and depression of postpartum women.

I was gifted rose products from Dr. Hauschka. I first started using them on myself and now, I use them with great results on clients. And, this I like exfoliator is very gentle yet effective.

There are so many great rose products to choose from and it’s hard to go wrong, especially with organic or high-quality products.




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