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Spotlight on Skin Care Around the World


I asked friends living abroad to send me photos of what skin care looked like in their countries.

Writer and journalist, Vanessa O. took the shot above as well as the next two, of what skin care looks like in her local drugstore of Geneva, Switzerland.  Vanessa is a Kenyan-Ugandan beauty who prefers to be incognito; she’s gorgeous with gorgeous skin!

Geneva2 Geneva3

Next stop in the world: Korea.

I asked my friend Rocio to send me photos of what skin care looked like her way.

She sent me lots of fun photos and a nice little commentary!

“OMG Korea is the place of skincare products. Makeup, toners, face cream, face wash. . . You name it, they have it. It’s a little overwhelming to go to a beauty shop.  There are beauty stores almost in every corner and so much stuff. One of the things I found really surprising were skin products that claim to “whiten” your skin; there are so many products for that purpose.

At the beginning, when going into a beauty shop those types of skin products were the first thing that were offered to me, until one day I told the sales lady at the store that I actually liked the color of my skin and was happy with it.  She looked puzzled.” (Rocio is originally from Mexico.  A beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit and radiant skin).



koreamore koreamore2 koreamore4


koreamen2 koreamen3

The next destination is Singapore.

My dad’s friend Deanna lives there.  She was gracious enough to take a few photos in her local drugstore.

Singapore Singapore2 Singapore3


Final stop is Bolivia.

My supervisor at work has a sister living in Bolivia. She also snapped a photo of what skin care looked like locally, in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


What does skin care in your neck of the woods look like?


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