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SkinGab at StyleCon (Video)


Over the weekend, I attended StyleCon which focused on bringing together beauty and fashion professionals as well as digital influencers.  Although I love skin care and have my esthetics’s license, the digital beauty space is still relatively new to me.  In fact, I only learned of StyleCon via a new beauty blogging platform called Glindr that I was invited to join.  I’m very excited about working with Glindr and all the new and unique opportunities and collaborations that continue to show up.

I enjoyed listening to Maxine Tatlonghari speak about how she started Vanity Girl Hollywood, a company that provides vanity mirrors.

I also connected with Maya Crothers, Founder of Circcell, who provided me with some wonderful samples of products, such as the ABO Serum Face Rejuvenation; Red Algae Clarifying Masque and the Dew Hydrating PH Perfector.

And, I also snuck back a couple of times for this delicious vinegar drink by Suja.  Their drinks are organic apple cider vinegar that are flavored.  I tried the Cucumber Ginger and the Strawberry Balsamic–twice.  I’m a big fan of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, not for the taste, but for the health benefits . . . and with that, I was praying that Suja’s didn’t taste vinegary and they did not, at least the two flavors that I tried.  I look forward to trying the other three flavors.

Check out some of the sights and sounds from the StyleCon scene on Saturday and a bit of convo with Maxine Tatlonghari and Maya Crothers.

Oh, and please excuse the editing job and audio . . .






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