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Skin Chat with a Talk Show Expert

Natalie Bubnis

One of my first jobs was working for a live national talk show.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work.  Every day, the office was filled with celebrities buzzing about.  I was able to work with people I had always looked up to and admired, one being a well-known legend in the media world.  While I have many valuable and memorable experiences working on this show, they all pale in comparison to meeting one of my closest friends, Natalie Bubnis.  She’s a gem and is one of the most stylish and loving women I know.

We’ve been friends for years now and bonded over our discussions about skin care.  Me and this girl have truly been in the trenches of skin care, frustrated with acneic skin and contemplating our next skin care move.  Over the years we’ve recommended products to one another and just commiserated about skin challenges.  I remember Natalie raving about an esthetician and her facials to me.  And, I’m pretty sure that that was my first or one of my very first facials.  The inspired conversations Natalie and I have had about skin care are definitely a reason why I decided to get my esthetician’s license.

Natalie and I continue our skin care conversations on the regular.  She’s always on the cutting edge of new product discoveries and I trust her recommendations.  It doesn’t hurt that she’s able to have up-close-and-personal chats with some of the beauty industry’s leading skin care experts.  She mentions one here . . .

What do you do for a living? Talent Producer for Live National Talk Show

Where are you from? Wyomissing, PA and live in NYC.

Since you have a high-profile job, in the spotlight, do you have any industry beauty secrets or beauty secrets in general you can share?

There is this wonderful beauty expert that I met at work many years ago. Her name is Paula Begoun. She gives you the best skincare advice and product suggestions + has her own skincare line. She gives recommendations on the best products at the drugstores and over the counter, plus you can call and get a skin consultation, which I did recently. She believes in cleansing, toning, exfoliating, targeted treatments and a great moisturizer, if needed and of course sunscreen–but all well formulated non-irritating products with money back guaranteed. I highly recommend and follow Paula Begoun.

Another expert who I trust is Dr. Doris Day, the lovely and talented go to NYC dermatologist.

What are your favorite skincare products? Paula Begoun Products and I do like Shani Darden’s product recommendations. Paula’s line is my go-to product line and I order online. She offers a variety of discounts and free shipping on orders over 50.00. Cost effective!

This mask is amazing. You do it as the last step in your skin care routine at night, once or twice a week, even over the eyes. Goes on clear. You wear it overnight then wash off in the morning.  It makes you glow!


What is your skincare regimen?  Day and Night? Skin Regimen at the moment:

AM: cleanse/ tone/ exfoliant/ sunscreen with moisturizer always SPF 30

My routine at night: cleanse/ tone/ exfoliate/ Vitamin C -2 drops added to Paula Begoun serum then gel moisturizer and apply renewal mask all over face and eyes. Off to bed!

What improvements would you like to see in your skin, if any? Less breakouts on face and body and less of an uneven skin tone.

Do you have challenges with your skin? Breakouts on face and body/ uneven skin tone.

What’s your makeup regimen? Concealer and eye makeup (sparkled preferred) red or dark lip color.


Have you ever had a facial? I had facials in the past but they are expensive and you must maintain them at least every month. If I would treat myself to a facial, I would get one for acne/rosacea-prone skin. I think what is most important is a well formulated product line and maybe every so often, it’s beneficial to treat yourself to a facial. If you use the right products, you can invest in at-home skincare vs spending it on a facial.

Do you ever go to the spa? Maybe spa once a year, but not a necessity. I like to get inexpensive NYC foot rubs, massages and manicures and pedicures.

What stresses you?  What destresses you? Problem skin/lack of time/ I’m very caring so I’m a pleaser and want to always do good/ help others . . . Can be stressful even though a good quality.

To destress—workout/cook/listen to my favorite talk show radio host/ clean.

Any skincare tips from your mother or grandmother? Keep it simple and gentle.

Do you have a fitness practice? Yes. Three times a week—running, squats, men’s push ups/ free weights/ walking/ bosu ball/ I like following fitness on Instagram and look at different exercises to tackle. A remarkable trainer in NYC that really can match any workout or exercise to your liking without overdoing it. He tweaks my regular workouts that I do on my own and it makes all the difference. I love fitness!

Natalie's fitness routine

Natalie and trainer

What do you want for your career? More money and to be happy and feel secure. I’d also like to work more with food and skin care and a healthy lifestyle.

What do you appreciate about your skin? What about your skin makes you grateful? The fact that it bounces back and can have a nice glow.

What energizes you spiritually? Feeling the warm sun or waking up early after a good night’s sleep knowing I accomplished a lot and am ready to start the day; enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and when I hear from those I love and care about.

What makes you comfy in your own skin? When I feel healthy and my skin is clear and just knowing that I try to be the best caring person every single day/doing a kind gesture every day.


Other projects you are working on? Decorating and organizing my apartment in NYC.

See more of Natalie: https://www.instagram.com/nataliebubnis/

More about Natalie’s trainer:  https://www.instagram.com/jarrettoneal/






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