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Skin Care in Europe

Italian Soaps

Skin care is a vast and fascinating world, that’s why I love seeing what skin care products look like from around the world.

My good friend, Valeria, who has appeared on SkinGab before, (Valeria) recently traveled to France, Italy and Spain.  Of course I asked her to take some photos of what skin care looked like in those places.  Not only did she take photos, but she also brought me back soaps and serums.

I think it’s always fun to see what products are available internationally and what the product packaging looks like.

For some easy hump day fun, and colorful visuals, without further ado . . . . photos by Valeria with some of her commentary.

First one is Italy–the stand of the natural soaps where I bought the one I gave you.

Italian Soaps

Then, France. The supermarket: the first two pics are all showers gels . . . and how important shower gels are in France 🙂


Face products: Garnier Blur (we find this one here too) and Le Petit Olivier natural skin care products.

Products in Spain:
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