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Valeria Zunzun is a trilingual voice actress, voice director and actress working in a variety of different arenas and genres.

Based in Los Angeles, Valeria has lived in France, Spain, Cuba and has called the United States her home for 11 years now.

As a trilingual talent, Valeria speaks fluent French, Spanish and English.

Besides being an actress, she is also a talented photographer, artist and hat creator. I might also add, she’s a true butterfly and socialite with a host of amazing friends. The girl is busy.

Because she is an actress with an international background, I was really curious about what skin care tips she has acquired.

I asked her whether she had any industry beauty secrets. 

Valeria in her own words:

“The inner shine that makes the difference; I don’t think there are any industry beauty secrets left to discover, so many articles, too many actresses resorting to plastic surgery to follow the actual standards . . . I think the best advice would be to keep real and true to oneself, and take good care of one’s best features.”

Another thing I’m always curious about is what tips people have learned from their grandmothers or a significant elder person who might have imparted skin care wisdom.

Any skincare tips from your mom or grandmother?

“My grandmother was a farmer who worked in the fields, and she didn’t use any beauty products other than soap and, when she was older, lotions. I loved being around in the early morning, when she was cleaning her face, always vigorously. She never used make up. Only soaps, lotions/cleaners, and perfume.

My love of cosmetics would come from my mom . . . I loved her routine too when I was a little girl. I loved to watch her applying her lipstick. She taught me the importance of moisturizing; she was always trying new creams and lotions. But, I did “outshine my masters” in my love of cosmetics. My sister used to make fun of me and my collection of what I used to call “my little products.”

Valeria Zunzun

More Q&A skin care with Valeria:

Do you have challenges with your skin, ever had them, what are these challenges?

My skin is mostly dry and delicate, and fine lines are my main focus, as well as moisturizing.

What are your favorite skincare products?

I love products that are, of course, efficient, and if they’re natural, even better. But I do love to try new products. I love argan oil-based products. I also prefer products that don’t test on animals. A mix of ethical/natural/efficient.

What is your skincare regimen?  Day and Night?

I clean my face of makeup and pollution (I live in Los Angeles) with lotion at night and eye make-up remover, if necessary and I apply a moisturizing cream (usually, argan oil based).

In the morning, I clean my face again with lotion, and apply a moisturizing cream with sun protection.

Now—I do forget my routine sometimes, nobody is perfect, but I do try to stick to it!

What improvements would you like to see in your skin, if any?

My main focus is the eyes area.

What’s your makeup regimen?

I usually use a bit of foundation (I found the perfect one for my skin, and then they stopped making it! So, I’m still looking for the perfect match, which is not an easy task).

My big favorite is my mascara. I can’t go out without my mascara. I love mascara. I also apply black shadow as liner, like kohl. I love red lipstick, or another tone matching my outfit. I’m a matchy matchy girl. I also apply eye shadows, usually for the evenings, or depending on my mood.


Q&A with Valeria about her career:

How long have you been acting?  Where did you get your training?

I’ve been acting professionally for about 15 years now. Before that, performed in plays, but I didn’t consider it to be my profession yet. I began acting in small plays in high school, and then at the University (I have a Master’s degree in Arts and Literature in Spanish). I went back to my first love of acting and entertainment shortly after. I got a certificate in stage direction and directed children’s shows. Then I entered the world of voice acting and began directing there as well. My training is an accumulation of very diverse experiences, in very diverse environments. I also took a few acting classes along the way.

What do you want for your career?

I want to keep developing my voice-acting career and do more animation—that’s my favorite thing to do! I have a list of directors I’d love to work with in film and TV.


 Projects you are working on?

I’m working on a few projects. A web-series I’m co-writing and producing with fellow actress and writer-friend Claire Dodin, The Lifies. I’m also writing two other webseries, a short and a feature.

And, I’m also recording fables and children’s stories and drawing illustrations.

Valeria is also a regular voice-over contributor at E! Entertainment and has done voiceovers for E! News France.

Q&A with Valeria about lifestyle and skin from a spiritual perspective:

What stresses you? 

Negativity and conflicts (for example, honking, aggressive driving . . . part of our daily LA life) stress me. As a freelancer, work can be stressful too.

What de-stresses you?

Hiking, taking pictures of lost toys, the sky, windows and doors, random people and animals. Anything I find interesting and/or beautiful. Watching my favorite shows on Netflix (I’m on a Doctor Who marathon right now), meeting friends for a conversation about the biggest and the smallest things, at a café or a happy hour, are a few of my favorite “de-stressors”.

What energizes you spiritually and what positively affects your skin?

Hiking/outdoor activities (with sun protection when needed), being in contact with nature. Meditation and positive affirmations.


What about your skin makes you grateful? 

It keeps young and healthy, thank you, my little skin! (Good genes and good care).

What makes you comfy in your own skin?

Positive affirmations and attitude; the support of my close friends and family. Keeping active.


Catch up with Valeria here:


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