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break out

Do you feel like you’ve got your skin care routine on lock, but are still dealing with unreasonable breakouts for some unknown reason?

Maybe you’re committing these 3 skin care crimes.  Get your skin care security system in check and prevent breakouts before they even try to step to you.

1. Wash your makeup brushes at least once a week.  Please don’t play around with this. I know it’s a chore, but makeup brushes hold onto oil, bacteria and other grime, with scientific names, you won’t enjoy learning or dealing with. Get some brush cleanser or even dishwashing soap and let your brushes soak so that grime, insert scientific name, doesn’t soak into your skin. Yuck!

2. Wipe down your phone.   Please don’t play around with this. I know it’s a chore.  Yes, I’m on repeat.  But wiping your phone is a must.  There’s no telling what’s creeping and crawling on your phone.  We leave our phones in public restrooms, on conveyer belts at grocery stores, on counter tops and sometimes on the floor when they fall.  Then we have the nerve to put that same phone, that just endured those aforementioned horrors and probably more, up to our precious face.  If you breakout on your cheek, a nasty phone might be the culprit.

TAKE ACTION–use wet wipes to swipe your phone clean each day or several times a day.  Or, use hand sanitizer on a tissue to wipe down your phone.  Another option is to always just use headphones when chatting.

3. Don’t let your face get jealous of your body.  Basically, don’t apply products meant for your body onto your face.  Usually body products are thicker than those used on the face and they can irritate and breakout the skin.  And, oftentimes body products have a fragrance which can cause irritation or an allergic reaction.  It’s fine though, for your face to share its favorite products with your body.










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