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We’ve all met one of those women who just seem to defy the laws of nature. She is an effortless beauty with flawless and glowing skin.  You want to know everything about her.

What her skin care regimen is, what she eats, what she drinks, in short, what are her secrets that make her look airbrushed and perfect?

This is exactly how I felt when I met VickiD in person. We actually first met in cyberspace on a beauty and lifestyle site years ago. She always shared great testimonials about products and her spa experiences and I began really trusting her information. Eventually, we met in person and have been real-time friends ever since.


In fact, it is VickiD who first introduced me to Vivian, the esthetician I discuss here and here.

In her “confession” below, she reveals her secret for keeping hormonal acne and discoloration away and her remedy for dark eye circles.

And, because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, I have to acknowledge VickiD for being a major contributor to my obsession with skin care—thank you! Ha!

I can always count on VickiD to update me on the latest peels, facials, serums and skin care essentials she has tried.

She has some of the most flawless skin I’ve ever seen. And, I love that I have a great example of someone who practices pampering and self-care techniques on the regular; she’s a great inspiration.

Here, VickiD spills the moisturizer on how she stays so flawless.

Age: 55 3/4 (ha ha ha)

Peels I like—Obai Blue Peel; The Jet Peel and lactic or glycolic acid peels.

How often do I get professional facials? Twice monthly

Vitamins I take for skin? Kelp, hyaluronic acid, Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin Nails, astaxanthin, glutathione, Fish Oil, Resveratrol, ALA, Vit E and K.

Vitamin Drips—Myers Cocktail, Glutathione, Vitamin C monthly

Skin care products I use—cleanser–Alaffia Liquid Black Soap from Sprouts—-

Toner–Witch Hazel

Vitamin C serum from Dr. Dev Wali in Claremont

Moisturizer, Sunscreen, and hyaluronic cream are from Gemini Plastic Surgery.  Restorative Bio Therapy Moisturizer.  Spray Sunscreen,

Once weekly like clockwork I’ll use .025% Retin A mixed with Cetaphil cream.

I swear by Retin A and it keeps the discolorations and hormonal breakouts at bay!!!!!!!!


For Dark Circles–Carboxytherapy.  It’s not widely mentioned, but it works.  I think because it’s a bit expensive ($99 on sale) and you need 5 treatments to get the full effect.  I don’t use a special eye cream, just Cetaphil.

Over-the counter-products I really like–For PM moisture–Cetaphil mixed with a little bit of coconut water (no joke).

Neutrogena sunscreen (but only this one)

Day Moisture–Trader Joe’s Nourish Oil Free moisturizer

Serum–Reviva Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

My derm has made me stop using MAC foundations.  Too many breakouts.  I’ve been using Prescriptives Custom blend for years with NO problems.




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