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Retinol Oils

Want your face to feel like satin? It’s possible.

If you’re into the anti-aging fight or pro-youth empowerment, (I just made that last term up–as it relates to beauty) when it comes to skin care, you already know that retinols are so important to use, but they can be a bit annoying, initially time-consuming and sometimes scary to use consistently, especially when you’re sleepy and don’t feel like thinking too much.

I know that’s been my issue. I like quick, simple and effective. That’s why I’m actually really excited about this new slew of retinols, called simply, retinol oils.

Since oils tend to be gentle and act as a buffer on our skin, retinol oils are like a warm and friendly handshake that happens to be firm too.  In other words, retinol oils deliver the same quality retinol that you’re used to, but in a way less irritating manner (bye bye annoying flakes and red spots).

And, just like with regular retinols, if you use these retinol oils consistently, you should see smaller pores, smoother skin (hello, hi satin skin) and minimal lines in about three months.

Right now, my verdict is still out on which retinol oil is best, so do a quick search for “retinol oils” (I use quotes for better results) to see what best appeals to you and your price point.  I’m just serving as the messenger to get the word out about this fab combo of ingredients.


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