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Organic Hair Removal: Sugaring

Sugaring Hair Removal

So just what is “organic hair removal” and what is “sugaring?”  Sometimes people think that estheticians only give facials, however, we also provide hair removal services (Sugar Sweet Savings below).

Before I detail the points of sugaring, I just want to provide some background on the two most common waxing services provided by spas and skin care studios.

STRIP WAX–While I was receiving my esthetics training, I learned that strip wax, the soft wax applied to the skin and then pulled off by applying a strip cloth, can irritate the skin, as it adheres to the skin and the hairs.  Of course it should adhere to the hairs, but by adhering to the skin, the cloth, when pulling it off, actually also tears off layers of your precious skin.

HARD WAX–this kind of wax, used exclusively at places like European Wax Center, has been my first choice for years.  With hard wax, no strip is used, only a layer of wax is applied to the skin, left to dry for a bit then pulled off.  This wax adheres to the hair and is much more gentle on your tender layers of skin.  Because it adheres more to the hair, it’s able to get at the root of the hair easier and makes for smother skin.

SUGARING–made from sugar, lemon and water, sugaring, is an ancient hair removal technique that dates back to 300 B.C., originating in Egypt.  Because it is composed of only 3 natural ingredients (unlike wax which is made of resins), this is where the organic aspect comes in and it is truly ideal for those wanting healthier options when it comes to hair removal.

It’s texture is similar to wax, but no sticks are used to apply it to the body.  The esthetician uses gloved hands to apply the sugaring paste, gently smoothing it onto the skin a few times and then pulling off the paste.

Sugaring is a challenging technique to master and many estheticians prefer to work with wax.

I’ve been working in a spa for the past couple of months and have been offering sugaring there.  Below, are some quick points on why I prefer sugaring:

Benefits of Body Sugaring:

  • 100% sanitary
  • Less painful
  • 100% organic product
  • Smoother skin for longer time
  • Extracts shorter hairs (1/8 to ¼ inch)
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Significant hair reduction over time


If you’re in the LA-area and would like to try sugaring at the spa where I work, please message me at:

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