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Besides this intro, this is a repost from July.  I was inspired to include Michelle Obama on SkinGab due to the political news occurring with the DNC, but more because of her beauty and grace.  We have until noon on January 20th to still see this beauty and grace personified within the walls of the White House.

In July, after her speech a Facebook friend wrote: “FLOTUS or FLAWLESS.”  People responded to his post with “BOTH!”

So, how does FLOTUS manage to look so flawless?  Read more about her skin care and her esthetician.


For one, she gets regular facials.  As an esthetician, I know having a regular facial schedule is a must for achieving and maintaining healthy, clear and vibrant skin.

Mrs. Obama’s esthetician, JoElle Lee, who has an aesthetics room in The White House, where she performs facials on the FLOTUS, tells Skin Inc. Magazine, that her favorite treatment to perform is: “My Signature Triple Enzyme Peel Treatments! Facial treatments have always been my favorites to provide for clients … Creativity is endless with facial treatments and clients love it because there is always something new to look forward to.”


Mrs. Obama’s makeup artist, Carl Ray tells Elle Magazine that he likes to use primers and believes in utilizing the “strobing” technique which is considered a softer alternative to contouring.

For her eyes, he says, “I like black eyeliner and I like pencil,” he said, noting her bold lids. “I like it with a combination of both. A pencil liner with a liquid felt-tipped pen on top really makes a really nice line.” He added a few coats of mascara to finish the look, and, whispering state secrets, “some lashes as well.”

(Elle.com, Mattie Kahn, January 19, 2016)

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