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Did you take a wrong turn somewhere? Lost and not sure which direction to go on this skin journey?

Following the signs could guide you back to a clear path.

Face mapping points out these signs and can help you determine whether you’re on the right route when it comes to your skin and even your health in general.

The location of acne on certain places of your face reflects what is occurring inside your body.

That’s because areas of the face are associated with particular internal organs.

This quick breakdown can help you ID why you keep breaking out in certain places.


It could mean: Your hormones are not balanced.

You might notice you breakout each month around your period. This used to happen to me. Whether it’s monthly or consistently, breakouts here tend to be caused by a spike in androgen, the male hormone that includes testosterone.

To treat this area, sometimes dermatologists prescribe various steroid topicals, however, you can look for hormonal balancing teas, such as Red Raspberry and foods, like avocados and carrots. Salmon oil supplements have been amazing for my hormonal acne.


It could mean: You’re eating foods high in sugar.

Take stock of your sugar intake and clean up your diet. Try to eliminate as many processed foods as possible. Start preparing fresh foods—green salads, fruit salads as well as smoothies and vegetable soups.

Also, clean your cell phone on the regular, daily if you can. Cell phones pressed against the cheek are breeding grounds for bacteria.


It could mean: Your digestion is sluggish; your liver is congested, you’re stressed or sleep-deprived.

When we’re stressed, including being sleep-deprived, we oftentimes don’t eat well and even when we do, the body might be having a challenging time breaking down the food properly. This is the same with digestive and liver issues, food is not being broken down as it should.

Try getting a colonic, a colon cleanse product, digestive enzymes, giving yourself an enema or a liver cleanse/liver flush.  If I had more time, I’d do a liver flush more often, as I’ve found it to be extremely effective in clearing my skin.

Please note, none of these suggestions is to be used as medical advice, rather just guidelines for comprehensive health options.  If you have specific health concerns, contact a medical professional.


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