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Well, hopefully your skin care isn’t literally green, except for those items you’re sure are supposed to be that way, but in the name of being health conscious, how important are green products for your beauty regimen?

According to a new survey that just came out, 55% of all women check ingredient labels on beauty products prior to buying them, and more than one in three–35%–plan on purchasing more all-natural beauty products in the next two years, more than they currently buy.

This second annual Green Beauty Barometer survey was commissioned by Kari Gran, an eco-luxe beauty brand, and was conducted by Harris Poll.  More than 1,000 women in the U.S. aged 18 and up was surveyed, measuring their purchasing behaviors from across a number of beauty product categories: skin care, hair care, makeup, sunscreen, fragrance and nail care.

From the product categories measured, skin and hair care products were the top two, with 53% and 50% of all women, respectively, reporting that buying all-natural products in these two categories was important to them.  Makeup and sunscreen followed at 40% for each.

The Green Beauty Barometer survey also measured how satisfied women are when it comes to the types of green beauty products that are offered for retail.

“Our results showed nearly 15% of women who shop for beauty aids in mass market drugstores, specialty drug or grocery stores, or department stores are unsatisfied by the selection of all-natural products,” commented Lisa Strain, co-founder of the Kari Gran skin care and makeup brand. “All indications show the demand for green beauty remains strong, and this is a pivotal shift for the long term versus a fleeting beauty fad.”

As a long-time writer, I know research is crucial and as a still newish esthetician, I know research is crucial.  It’s important that we choose the best, most natural, preferably organic, skin care products possible.  Not only are we able to achieve optimal results for our health and beauty, but we help to create healthy environmental practices on a personal level.

I definitely think places like are great resources and as I’ve discussed before, I believe in Arbonne products.  They are natural, organic and green, and have a variety of health-focused products, ranging from skin care to nutritional care, that in the long-run works to create and maintain glowing, healthy skin.

For some hump day fun and solace in knowing we’re almost to Friday, check out Arbonne’s amazing products and message me if you’d like samples.

Visit for full survey results.







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