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Adele put her beauty on full display last night at the Grammys. We loved her speech and thought the dedication she gave to Queen Beyonce was beauty, grace and truth in words.

Of course, Beyonce, who had her beauty and belly bump also on full display, was touched by Adele’s words, the camera showing her teary-eyed, standing next to her husband, Jay-Z, visibly touched by Adele’s words, as well.

For an artist to pay tribute to another, especially high caliber artists, such as Adele and Beyonce, respectively, is humbling and awe-inspiring.

Sublime moments like last night’s, with Adele’s dedication of her Album of the Year award to Beyonce, is at the core of SkinGab. External beauty is nothing without spirit, joy, humbleness, truth, respect and reverence.

Quoting my About section, “ We focus on inspired ideas and thoughts to ponder that go beyond skin deep. SkinGab—for the skin-obsessed, and for those on a true beauty quest.

Adele reflects alladat for me. Now, I don’t know if she’s skin-obsessed (she has discussed her challenges with eczema), but she is a speaker and singer of truth for many of us.

Here are some of her words, from last night, that bring it all home:

All us artists here adore you, you are our light and the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering. You make them stand up for themselves, and I love you, I always have, and I always will.

I’d love to end the post here, but of course, my skin junkie self is on that “stuff,” that skin care stuff, so quickly . . .

Adele—Skin care tid bit: It’s been reported that Adele is a huge fan of Weleda’s Skin Food.

Beyonce—Skin care tid bit: It’s been reported that Beyonce uses Natura Bisse and goes to the spa consistently to get treated with the Natura Bisse Black Diamond Magnetic treatment. This treatment is a cream that uses real diamond dust and iron to enhance positive energy, reduce stress and purify the skin.

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