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Drop a Load Off for a Pick Me Up with the Fifteen-Minute Facial at Skin Laundry

Skin Laundry

Facials don’t always have to be long and drawn out to be effective.

There’s a new type of skin care establishment popping up nationwide, places that offer quick facials with the same benefits of more traditional facial treatments.

Facials are one of my favorite things in life. And, while I’d like to consider myself a facial purist, in that I expect really thorough, comprehensive and high-quality facials, I realize that there are always exceptions.

My friend Julee, Editor of the lifestyle site, Hotel Swimming Pools, told me about one of her favorite places, Skin Laundry.

There, you can get an “abbreviated” facial while still reaping the benefits of a more traditional facial: glowing skin, a relaxing treatment and a deep cleanse.

Julee shares her experience at Skin Laundry:

I’m headed from L.A. to Vegas for a 50th birthday celebration. I’m all packed—I’ve got the present, sunscreen, and plenty of cash, but need to make a final stop for laundry: Skin Laundry, that is.

I check into the West Hollywood clinic for a fifteen minute “Signature Light Facial,’ which includes a laser treatment, followed by IPL or intense pulsed light.

According to the website: the laser actively vaporizes dirt, makeup and bacteria from pores, while long term, it can help with pigmentation and collagen production. The IPL works with the brown and red tones of the skin to even tone as well as stimulate the natural collagen in the dermis. The combination of laser and IPL clears, tones, and conditions the skin. The pores are also minimized so they appear less visible.


Here’s how it works: I walk in and the receptionist hands me a facial wipe. I wipe my face and I’m taken into a treatment room where I lay down and the technician puts my hair back and places goggles over my eyes. She wipes my skin again, and then starts with the laser. It’s like three, very minor pinpricks on my forehead, then above my eyebrow, on my cheek, all the way around my face.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10, it’s about a 3. Once the tech is done, she asks if she can do a second round with the laser. She goes around again and then puts a gel on my face and spreads it with a wooden stick. She then uses the light pulse over my skin and I see tiny red dots every time it flashes. She goes around my face once, then she removes the gel with a wipe, applies a toner and a sunscreen, and I’m done.

Skin Laundry claims that every treatment leaves the skin deeply cleansed and toned, and that over time, regular treatments, ‘”visibly improve skin’s smoothness, evenness, tone, texture, radiance, and clarity, while reducing the look of lines and wrinkles and restoring firmer skin.’

I’ve been going once a month for about a year. I bought a once-a-month subscription at $50 for one treatment per month (the first visit however, is always free!). The evening after treatment, I use one of their moisturizing masks to keep my skin hydrated. I haven’t seen a dramatic difference, but overall, my skin hardly ever breaks out anymore, and I feel like my skin tone is much more even than it used to be. The immediate results are great too–I find that after a treatment my skin is especially clear and glow-y for a few days.


I’m in and out in 20 minutes and head to Burbank for my flight. And, Saturday at the Bellagio pool, my sister asks me, “Why do you look so good today? Did you do something different?” And I tell her all about my favorite laundry.

skinlaundry.comwith clinics in Southern California, New York, Arizona, Hong Kong, and more to come soon.

Julee Shapiro is a Los Angeles based travel writer. She’s also the editor and content manager at hotelswimmingpools.com.


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