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blue eyeshadow

“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, I’m rocking my peers . . .” While the lyrics might be from LL Cool J’s 1990 song, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” truer words were never spoken than when applied to the perpetual, seasonal declaration that blue eyeshadow is back yet again; it’s the “new” look for the season. Eye roll.

Um, truth be told, blue eyeshadow never left the scene. Every new season brings with it a forecast for how blue shadow is the new trend. Just because frosty blue eyeshadow has left a stain of fear that any mention or mere thought of blue eyeshadow signals a frosty accompaniment simply is not true.

This is evident in the wow blue eyeshadow seen today during the Leonard Paris show as part of Paris Fashion Week. The models all donned a structured turquoise blue eyeshadow look.

A perfect color for spring, this turquoise eyeshadow can be applied in a structured way, more subtly, a cat eye look or even as a smoky eye.

blue eyeshadow

Regardless of how you apply it, blue is always in, and I’m predicting turquoise the color for the season, as warmer weather and bluer skies emerge. ¬†And, then for the following season, we can be sure that some other variation of blue will be rocking its peers, too.



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