I’ll be taking some time away to work on other projects.  SkinGab is my joy and my love, however, other projects and ideas are flooding in and I need to


It’s Time for Your Skin to Smell the Roses


One of my favorite toners to use is rosewater. The scent alone is almost hypnotizing. I’m beginning to incorporate more rose-based products into my rotation. Roses are excellent for your

Birkenstock Pops the Cork for Facial and Feet Skin Care


It’s time for some bubbly, so pop that cork, and let the champagne flow. Birkenstock, yes, that Birkenstock company, yup, the German-based shoe company known for its thick cork-soled sandals, is walking

#BeBoldForChange With a Unique Skin Care Regimen You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For


Today is International Women's Day 2017.  The theme: #BeBoldForChange.  The goal: to "help forge a better working world." Depending on your perspective, skin care may or may not have anything to

Blue Eyeshadow Blooms for Spring at Paris Fashion Week


“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, I’m rocking my peers . . .” While the lyrics might be from LL Cool J’s 1990 song, “Mama Said

Retinol Oils

Retinol Oils Make Your Nighttime Skincare Regimen Exciting Again


Want your face to feel like satin? It’s possible. If you’re into the anti-aging fight or pro-youth empowerment, (I just made that last term up–as it relates to beauty) when

Oscar Winner Viola Davis, her Award Winning Lips And Superstar Skin


Viola Davis, excuse me, Oscar Award-winning actress, Viola Davis, was on fire last night, FI-YAH, in her red hot dress, but it’s the subtle, naturally beautiful nude lip and her

So Drew Barrymore Is Just Spilling All Her Skincare Secrets


One of my favorite, seemingly carefree women and truly a girl after my own skincare heart, Drew Barrymore, has been blessing the social media world with her skincare secrets.  She’s

Swedish Skin Care

Skin Care from Sweden Might Trump All Others


Since Sweden is trending in the news, I thought it would be interesting to read legit information about this small country, in the form of Swedish skin care secrets, today,

Stress and Skin—A Personal Story


When reading articles and information on how to achieve healthy skin, the word, “stress,” is often mentioned. I remember always breezing over any mention of stress, like “lalalalala,” because it

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