Hey! I’m Tiffany, a licensed esthetician and professional writer.

I can help you attract more loyal clients through engaging blog posts and informative marketing content.

When I started working as an esthetician, at a Los Angeles spa, I felt lost in my promotional efforts. 

I also worked full-time as a Senior Copywriter for Mattel (the toy company).  I decided to take my writing and marketing skills and apply them to building my esthetics business. 


While I absolutely love performing skincare services, I also absolutely love writing about skincare and helping others. 

So, I’ve taken my passion for skincare and writing and channeled it into copywriting for estheticians. 


I want to make your life easier. 


And, since you’re a busy professional, sometimes don’t you wish you had your own PR team behind you?  Someone who could help you drum up more business and help get the word out about your amazing services? 

Someone who could handle all of your marketing details while you kept doing what you loved—skincare services? 


You can’t be the talent—beautifying clients, consulting with them, scheduling your calendar, ordering products, cleaning your space, balancing your books, networking with folks and then trying to find time to be your own marketing manager too. 

Writing, designing, creating social media posts, taking photos and on and on and on. 


Somethings got to give, right?  Yes!  So, give that something (or somethings) to me.  I’ll work it out for you. 


I can help you grow your client base with high-quality blog posts and insightful marketing content designed to: 


  • Attract your audience 
  • Boost your website traffic 
  • Establish you as an industry expert 


So, if you’re looking for those kinds of results, let’s chat. 


Contact me via email: and I’ll get right back to you. 



My Qualifications at a Glance: 

  • Licensed California Esthetician 
  • Senior Copywriter for Mattel 
  • Medical Editor at Audio-Digest Foundation 
  • Radio Reporter, Writer & Producer 
  • Production for ABC’s The View 
  • Documentary Filmmaker 


My Education: 

  •  Master’s in Journalism from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 
  •  Esthetics Education from East LA Occupational Center 
  •  Master’s in Public Health from Loma Linda University 
  •  BA in Rhetoric (Persuasive Writing) from UC Berkeley 


My Beauty Journey 

When working in production for ABC’s The View, I was asked by the show’s makeup artist, Eve Pearl, to write a piece about lipstick for her book, Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques.   

I was even featured in the book and, if you squint hard enough, you can see two tiny photos of me on its cover.  

Thus, a skincare and beauty product junkie was born.  I couldn’t get enough of mascara and still can’t.   


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