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So back in April, I went to a huge Arbonne conference in Las Vegas with my friend Eleanor, who has been an Independent Consultant with Arbonne for a number of years.  At the Global Training Conference (GTC), a new skin care tool was unveiled: the Genius Ultra Device.

Here’s what the Genius Device can do and its features:

  • Powers organic, high-quality products, namely Arbonne skin care products, particularly the RE9 products (I can truly vouch for the RE9 eye cream. This cream is magic in a bottle and tightens and basically erases under eye lines).
  • It’s an ultrasound device and helps your skin get the most out of the key ingredients from the RE9 line
  • Works as a lip plumper
  • Gentle waves push the products deeper into skin, better than our fingers
  • Better product absorption

During the conference, Arbonne’s Chief Creative Officer, Michael D’Arminio discussed how he and others have been working on the Genius for three years.

He also provided some interesting insights by discussing how:

Four thousand years ago, the Pharaoh’s wives were applying oils onto their skin with their fingers.  And, years later, have we not evolved?  Now, we can apply products with the device which helps the products work more effectively.

With the Genius device, you don’t have to press it into your skin like you do with your fingers.  Instead, you let the Genius glide over your skin and let the ultrasound technology work.

There are three warmth levels: 32°C, 34°C and 36°C.

You can choose the level of warmth you desire, as some areas of skin are thinner than others, like the eye area.

At GTC, I, along with just about the entire crowd of more than 16,000 individuals placed a pre-order for this Genius Ultra Device.

I’m excited to receive mine, which should arrive this month.  And, last night, Eleanor invited me over Andee’s home, another friend who is an Arbonne consultant.  She had the Genius device and had used it the previous night with noticeable results.  It was now Eleanor’s turn to try it out.

Eleanor was concerned with her neck and eye areas.

Watch Eleanor discussing her skin care concerns as well as using the Genius Ultra Device.  And, look at her results!

For more information on the Genius Ultra Device and to make an order:

Eleanor’s Before and After Photos:

1465975198025951465975241610   IMG_20160614_230943_1465971601303


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